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Seaflo Primus Μονοθέσιο καγιάκ 1+1 θέσεων


Κωδικός προϊόντος: SF2002-PRIMUS Κατηγορία:


SEAFLO Parent-child Kayak

This 1 adult and 1 child sit-on-top kayak is great to have fun with family. It provides a stable paddling platform to keep the child safe.

The Seaflo 1+1 kayak comes equipped with built-in side handles and a front toggle handle to make transportation a breeze.
The sit-on-top design allows an easy in and out of the water when swimming is a must

Best for Slow-Moving Rivers and Waterways, Calm Bays, Lakes, Ponds.

The tough design provides performance for years.
The kayak is constructed of blow-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is making it durable, UV-protected, and impact resistant.


Lenght: 243.8 cm
Width: 80 cm
Depth: 26.4 cm
Weight: 19.8 kg
Paddlers: 1 adults + 1 child
Capacity: 125 kg

Standard Equipment:

1 paddle

4 D-rings
Seat pad
Molded side handles
Drain plug
Drain holes

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες


Red, Yellow


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