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Scubajet Smart Battery 100 Wh


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Product Information


One of the many features that make SCUBAJET stand out is the stackable Smart Battery™ system.

Each 100Wh, stackable, airline-compliant battery (yes, you can take your SCUBAJET as a carry-on) provides you with up to one hour of battery life.

Stack up to four Smart Batteries for a whopping 400Wh of power and up to 4 hours of nonstop Playground joy.

Factors that impact battery runtime:

  • Speed
  • Weight
  • Aerodynamic drag (think streamlined)
  • Water density

Examples for 100Wh:

Diving – at a reasonable speed (like twice your speed with fins) intended to provide 30 minutes of continuous runtime.

SUP – at a reasonable speed (as power assist for your workout) intended to provide one hour of continuous runtime.

*Spare batteries take just a few seconds to replace so that you won’t miss out on one minute of water fun.

Technical data

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