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και να πουλάμε τα προϊόντα μας σε Ελλάδα και Ευρώπη.

Δεν συμβιβαζόμαστε με τίποτα λιγότερο από το να προσφέρουμε προϊόντα τελευταίας τεχνολογίας, έχοντας ως γνώμονα την ασφάλεια και την αξιοπιστία.

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Ronix Powertail+ Koal Surface Wakesurfer


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Rides high with infinite drive on the water and up the wake for an easier ability to air off the lip.A wide stable platform for virtually any size boat wake; the Powertail shape combines thebuoyancy of the Longboard, smooth radius turning ability of a classic surfer, and extendedhangtime off the wake. The perfect option for riders looking for a stable surfer that has thespeed needed for smaller boat wakes or just want to be deeper out in the pocket on largerwaves

Traditional Surf
Toss some buckets with some smooth linked turns inspired by your favorite saltwater surfer. Traditional surf shapes have a thicker profile and a mellower rail/bevel allowing a rider to pivot a turn more from their back foot and are best ridden with either a deeper fin, or multiple fins. Riders usually apply more pressure on the back half of the board and generate more force through a turn. Still very capable of doing tricks on and off the water – just does them with a fluid like feel.

Performance: Intermediate / Advanced
Construction: Koal Surface
Thickness: Thick
Rail: Full


  • Machined EVA Front Pad w/ Concave
  • Machined EVA Rear Pad w/ Extra Tall Tail Kick

  • Arch Support
+ A New Stronger Tool-Less Fin-S Spring System

  • 2 Symmetric 4” Fin
+ 1 Symmetrical 3” Fin

  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin

  • Air Vents Inserted in EVA Tail Wedge
  • Core – Handmade by Robot

Thick Thickness
The fastest push of any of our designs. These thicker boards want to jump in a straight line, and can be ridden further back from the boat than most boards out there.

Full Rail
Smooth, predictable arcs for a classic surf feel.

Koal Surface
A construction incorporating
the core of our high-end Koal Technora, molded similar to our Modello boards, and wrapped
in a bulletproof Surface Skin.
In short, the lightweight feel of your favorite high-end surfer, the durability of your wakeboard, and a skin that breaks up the water for less resistance.

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες


4.5, 4'11"


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