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Ronix One Fused Time Bomb Core Wakeboard


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The Yang to the One Blackout Yin. Some riderswant reduced swing weight and more control.Other riders just want one word–explosion.No construction deliversa never ending doubleupstyle jump off the wake like a Timebomb. The hangtime legacy continues for a rider that wantsour most iconic shape in a core that’s always ready to ignite. Fuse stringers, Air Core 3 Foammixed with Mod Pour Foam and an I-Beam glass layup deliver a board that rides higher on thewater with added glide speed on the water, and an explosive snap when leaving it.

Riding Style: Boat / Advanced
Construction: Time Bomb Fused Core
Rocker: 3 Stage
Energy : Instant : 9


  • 3-Stage Rocker
  • Time Bomb Fused Core Construction
  • 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins & 4 Fiberglass .8” Asymmetrical Fins
  • Speedwalls
  • Tip/Tail Concave
  • 2 Recessed Fin Channels
  • 2 Guide Channels

Time Bomb
Make every wake jump feel like a double up. The best-selling high- end core available.

Fuse Stringers
The One board’s latest innovation for riders that want the ultimate flight pattern. Running vertically throughthe length of the board, these stringers enhance the spinal cord for the most explosive take off we have ever designed in our years of building high- end wakeboards.

3 Stage Rocker
An exaggerated rocker line with a later arc and a higher degree provide a more straight up explosive pop. This style of rocker creates more of an instant explosive buck off the wake (combine that with our I-Beam core to experience everything a wake has to offer), for riders that go behind a big boat wake. Wakeboarders riding behind smaller wakes will still feel like they are getting a solid kick as well.

Vertical poured urethane creates more top water speed and a durable bumper from those floating menaces at a cable park.

Instant Energy
Instant energy takes place the second the tip of the board hits the wake. Riders like Danny want a fuse stringer board made extra stiff. This allows a quicker way to generate lift off the transition as the energy takes place sooner with a super firm snap off the wake. For riders that can handle the added kick.

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