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Ronix Hybrid Volcom Sea Captain Stoney Baloney Surfer


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With this new high powered big air special, we took our classic Thruster that’s known for high speed carves and throwing down the biggest bottom turns, and modernized it in the blue room. The result is a thin profile, wider outline – designed for the updated, bigger, steeper boat wake. This new hard charger gets to point B quicker and has more smack off the wake for added hangtime. Available in 2 sizes – a traditional width 4’4 and a max width 4’10 for XL riders looking to enjoy the endless summer.


  • Thickness: Standard
  • Blended Rail
  • PAD: Grooved EVA

Επιπλέον πληροφορίες


4.11", 4.7", 4'4"


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