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RollerBone SoftPad


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You are always in motion with the RollerBone SoftPad!

Because of its innovative, extremely thin, but durable material, an optimal floating is achieved. Furthermore, the RollerBone Soft Bone is well suited for physiotherapeutic prevention and therapy training as it gently trains nearly every muscle group. It is also possible to add weights in order to combine weight and balance training with each other.

The SoftPad can be used as an individual training tool:
Due to the mobile base a variety of new impulses and demands are stimulated in the musculature during one- or two-legged balance exercises in standing or push-up position.

SoftPad as an additional feature for your back and wellness to your everyday life:
The SoftPad can be used as a seat pad causing an upright seating position while strengthening your back muscles at the same time. Pelvis and upper body remain active. It is also very relaxing to use the knobbed surface for a foot massage.

Many studies have shown that a frequent training of the physical balance can prevent injuries of muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as sharpen the senses.

It is perfect for children and elderly people to start their training with the RollerBone Softpad. Furthermore, it is a suitable training tool for physiotherapeutic prevention and therapy training as it gently trains nearly all muscle groups.

Diameter ca. 35,5 cm 


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