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Obrien Paradigm Impact 129 cm


Κωδικός προϊόντος: 2150022 Κατηγορίες: ,


A board that´s too flexible won´t work behind the boat. Too stiff a board won´t work great o ncable and obstacles. The Paradigm is proof that one board really can do it all! The perfect flex needed was achieved by combining O´Brien´s famous Fusion Core technology with the Paradigm´s heavily ribbed cross-section and tapered geometry. The result is a board that is rigid between your feet, but with a flexible tip & tail. This combination gives you incredible energy through the wake, and the ability to press any obstacle put in front of you. The Paradigm has uniquely proven that one board can, in fact, do it all. If your quiver has room for just one board, this could be the ulitmate answer.

Length / Wide / Rocker / Weight Limit / Finns Set-Up
129 cm / 42,5 cm / 5,94 cm Progressive Rocker / 27 – 64 kg / Blunt 0.8
134 cm / 43,0 cm / 6,45 cm Progressive Rocker / 41 – 77 kg / Blunt 0.8
139 cm / 43,5 cm / 6,99 cm Progressive Rocker / 64 – 100 kg / Blunt 0.8
144 cm / 44,0 cm / 7,59 cm Progressive Rocker / 77 – 113 kg / Blunt 0.8


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