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Mesle Water Sports Helmet WK2 – Black


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The stylish WAKETEC WK2 water sports helmet provides optimal protection for wakeboarding and kiting, canoeing and kayaking, sailing, windsurfing etc. The combination of ABS shell and soft EVA lining make the helmet extremely comfortable and light. With the Headlock rotary wheel adjustment system, it can be easily and precisely adjusted at the back of the head. The padded nylon chin straps are infinitely adjustable and, like the lining, dries quickly. Thanks to the high-quality quick-release buckle, the helmet can also be opened and closed with one hand. In midsummer, 11 vents keep your head cool and let water run out quickly. The WK2 from WAKETEC is perfect for most water sports. Choose between the color lime and black.

  • Extra light helmet for wake and kiteboarding, canoeing and kayaking, windsurfing, sailing etc.
  • ABS shell with 11 ventilation slots, quick-drying inner lining made of pleasant EVA soft foam 
  • Comfortable and individually adjustable thanks to padded chin straps with quick release buckle
  • Extra security and comfort thanks to the Headlock rotary wheel adjustment system at the back of the head   
  • Sizes (head circumference): 54-56 cm, 56-58 cm, 58-60 cm, CE EN 1385 safety standard

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