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Masterline Dynamic Rear Trick Plate Binding 7.5″


Κωδικός προϊόντος: QBDTRK201W Κατηγορίες: ,


Detailed Description

Plate Size Hole Spread Distance For Use With Hole Pattern
Standard 7″ Designed for Quantum Skis hole pattern prior to 2014
Wide 7 1/2″ Designed for Quantum Skis hole pattern since 2014

This all rubber toe strap holds the rear foot firmly in place, is comfortable and is used by virtually every trick skier on the planet. Mounted to a strong, proprietary Quantum reversible trick plate made of 6061 aluminum. This plate offers a wide range of adjustability on the perimeter of the plate for rotation of the plate. The plate also offers additional mounting holes for the rubber binding so that it can be shifted on the plate for better positioning on the ski if necessary. 

The wider version of our trick plate is designed for our skis built since 2014. This plate offers more room for larger bindings to be mounted without covering the mounting holes. The wider plate also offers a wider range of options for mounting the binding on the plate.

Mounting hole pattern is a 7 1/2″ spread for the wider plate. If you measure from middle of insert in front set to middle of insert in the rear set, the measurement will be 7 1/2″ for skis built in 2014 or newer and 7″ for skis built prior to 2014. The 2014 models came in 2 versions, red and blue.

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XS, S, M, L, XL


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