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Masterline Dlx 9.25m Optimized Slide Loop Mainline (11 Section) Water Ski Slalom Rope


Κωδικός προϊόντος: SSRSL09.25MOpt3 Κατηγορίες: ,


This is Masterline’s new Optimized Slide Loop slalom mainline for 2019. This new slalom mainline is the culmination of extensive testing by our team of skiers and top coaches to come out with the most optimized slalom line designed to help improve performance and reduce the stress on the body.

While our current rope is still the leading choice of skiers and tournaments worldwide, it was developed approximately 15 years ago.  We have re-engineered our tournament slalom line to be “optimized” to take advantage of today’s technique, boats, skis and speed control.  Slalom skiing is an ever evolving sport and constantly requires new demands.

To “optimize” our rope, we had to start with the main ingredient – our PolyproMAX yarn.  We wanted to change the dynamic of the rope and control the amount of stretch and also the characteristics of the stretch.

While skiers often complain of the “bungee” ropes on the market, the stretch of the rope is an important factor in creating width, holding outbound direction and reducing fatigue and injury.  The amount of stretch and the dynamics of that stretch are critical to the skier’s performance.  We have set out to balance these two characteristics to create the ultimate “optimized” rope for performance.

We created PolyProMAX II yarn for this purpose.  This yarn creates a rope that has a very different action than the PolyProMAX yarn of our past ropes.  We are able to change the makeup of the yarn in a way that controls the amount of stretch and more importantly, can be reproduced consistently between ropes from year to year.  Controlling the consistency is a key component to performance.


  • Constructed of our All New exclusive World Record PolyproMAX II rope which is braided in our factory.
  • Slide Loop construction from 18.25m to 10.25m
  • Removable loops at 18.25m and 16m with single line construction for 14.25m through 10.25m and in line braided loop construction for 9.75m, 9.5m and 9.25m.
  • Long mainline section to 9.75m is detachable from the rest of the rope. Mini slide loops that open larger to slip over the largest of pylons and then return to shape and securely hold the rope.
  • Large 15″ loop at handle end of rope for easier handle attachment and removal.
  • Logo marking sleeves through 9.75m Record capability
  • 60′ Overall length with handle(18.25m)
  • Shortenings through 9.25m Handmade in the USA


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