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Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge Mega Wave PRO Wake Shaper


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Liquid Force Mega Wakesurf Edge

Boost your big boat’s wave with the Liquid Force MEGA Wakesurf Edge! Features Liquid Force’s largest wake shaper face for maximum wave height. The concave channeling wing surface pushes more water to increase the length of the wave while keeping the face super clean. The Wakesurf Edge is constructed with impact-resistant, lightweight glass filled nylon and rust free stainless steel hardware. This wake shaper is made to last season after season and won’t rust or stain your boat. 

The 4.5 inch rubber suction cups make attaching, removing, and adjusting the Wakesurf Edge easy. Additionally, the suction cups won’t damage gel coat or leave black markings on your boat. If installed properly, the suction cups will hold strong all day long. With built-in flotation, you don’t have to worry about your Mega Wakesurf Edge sinking to the bottom of the lake if you accidentally drop it in the water. Its wing is rotomolded and sealed air tight to ensure it stays on the top of the water.

The Liquid Force Wakesurf Edge will work on most inboard boats, however you should measure your boat to make sure. The suction cups need 4.5″ of smooth, flat surface to attach to. If there is a lip/step above the attachment area on your hull that protrudes more than 3/8″, then you will need 6.5″ of smooth flat surface instead of 4.5″


  • Huge water displacement wing for maximum wave height
  • Patented concave water channeling wing
  • Super strong suction cup attachment
  • Made with durable rust-free materials
  • Built in flotation
  • WSIA Leadership Awards Winner 2019 Innovative Product of the Year


  • Wake Shaper Face: 14″ x 18″ (252 sq. in.)
  • Suction Cups: 4.5″


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