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Jobe Titan Aras 8.6 SUP Paddle Board


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Small but strong, that’s what the Titan Aras SUP Board is all about! This 8.6 SUP is smaller making it more nimble, perfect for lightweight rider or those who want to challenge the waves. It’s polycarbonate shell makes for a SUP that’s durable and which can take a beating. No matter what you throw at it the Aras is ready to be taken anywhere you’d like.

 Non slip EVA foam deck allows comfortable long term paddling
 Automatic air vent plug
 Comfortable carrying handle
 Easy connectable leash plug
 Polycarbonate armour for serious shock protection
 Rail saver to prevent scratches
 Recommended rider weight: Up to 100kg | 220 lbs
 Board weight: 11kg | 24lbs
 Dimensions: 8’6″ x 30″ x 5,5″ | 260 x 76,2 x 14cm
 Volume: 170 l


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