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Jobe Maddox Wakeboard


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The Jobe Maddox Wakeboard has been one of our flagship models for years now! A board with a competitive edge and loved amongst boat riders for it’s aggressive pop! But this year, we made a change for the better with our new indent technology. A laser cut-out in the topsheet creates not only new esthetics but also adds stiffness to the board. This results in an even better response and feel to the board! This board has been loved by both the intermediate and advanced riders but for this year it just got a whole lot better!
  •  3-stage rocker
  •  4 removable nylon fins
  •  Channels
  •  Deep grooved channels: More aggresive and max loading before the pop
  •  High-press core
  •  Made with 100% solar power
  •  Tri- Tech fiberglass
  •  Non-obstacle board: not meant for riding kickers, sliders, or other obstacles

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