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Jobe Brabus X Shadow 11.6 Limited Edition iSUP Package


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The limited edition BRABUS X Jobe Shadow 11.6 Inflatable stand up paddle board is just about the best looking SUP on the water! Not only that but it has received some serious design changes for this year including a more rounded tail where form meets function! It doesn’t just look better, the design changes have a practical use and make for an integrated storage cord and handles. Combine this with our high-end technology like our X-stringer construction, rail tape and a double stringer and you get one of the best SUP boards on the market as a result! As if that wasn’t enough the Jobe Shadow is also color matched with some of the best looking products on the market so be sure to check out the rest of the BRABUS X Jobe Shadow collection!

 Heat bonded technology: more layer quality and safety

 Non-slip EVA foam Brabus pattern, allows comfortable long term SUPing

 Lightweight X-dropstitching construction

 Bungee storage net

 Halkey Roberts Valve

 7 handles (1 easy-to-carry neoprene handle with paddle holder)

 8″ toolless click fin

 Carbon stringer on top for more stiffness

 D-ring on tip and tail

 Valve patch assistance

 Nose rocker: 9″, Tail rocker: 0″

 Recommended rider weight: Up to 150kg | 330 lbs

 Board weight: 9,7kg | 21.2lbs

 Package weight: 14,7kg | 32.2lbs

 Dimensions when inflated: 11’6″ x 31″ x 6″ | 350 x 78,75 x 15cm

 Volume: 324 l

 Package includes: 11.6 Shadow Paddle Board, Backpack with wheels for easy traveling, 12v electric pump, Carbon adjustable 3 piece paddle and 10 ft./3,04 m coiled leash

 Download product manual


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