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HO Sports Syndicate Cinch Changing Mat


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The Syndicate Cinch Changing Mat is a simple and effective solution to protect your feet and gear. Convert it into a wet bag to carry your gear inside with a drawstring barrel lock closure. Constructed with water proof fabric to isolate the wet and dirty gear during transport. Just stand in the middle of the stashable cinch changing mat, drop your wet or dirty gear and then cinch it all up to keep it all isolated. It works great for all adventurers, summer or winter, dry or wet!

  • Multi-functional Mat
  • Drawstring Converts to Wet/Dry Bag with Barrel Lock Closure 
  • Internal Small Pocket for Storage
  • Built-in Handles and Detachable Shoulder Strap
  • Compact Stashable Changing Mat 
  • Diameter: 45 inch (114cm)


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