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και να πουλάμε τα προϊόντα μας σε Ελλάδα και Ευρώπη.

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HO Sports Hawaii iLand


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The Hawaii iLand by HO Sports is an inflatable, floating dock and swim platform designed with good times in mind. This 10’ x 10’ dock expands your footprint on the water giving you plenty of room for friends, family and kids to swim, play or just soak up the sun. The dual-layer foam pad underfoot delivers unmatched comfort and traction while the stainless steel D-rings provide attachment points for anchoring. The Hawaii can also be fastened to a boat, dock or another iLand. Inflate or Deflate with ease with the included electric pump. Who doesn’t want their own iLAND? Get yours today!


  • 15cm(6in) thick Welded Dropstitch Construction
  • Dual layer Marine EVA Deck Pad
  • 8 Dual Layer Neoprene Padded Carry Handles
  • 4 3.8mm Stainless D-Rings
  • Electric Pump
  • Carry Tote


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