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Connelly Katana 4.10 Wakesurfer


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The Katana is the most pure surf style board in our line, and it’s geared to attack a wave. Round rails up front are forgiving and buoyant, helping the tip stay above water. Sharp rails at the tail give the Katana some bite. Vector net in the tail paired with a 21 strand carbon patch along the stringer provide ninja like response and pop off the lip. Utilize a blazing fast quad fins setup or ride it as a twin for a loose, slashy feel.

Riding Style: Advanced/Expert
Profile: Epoxy Core
Rocker: Surf

• Surf design
• Epoxy construction
• EPS foam core w/5mm stringer
• Vector net
• Ghost Grip w/rear EVA pad
• Quad FCS II fins; 2 – 3.1”, 2 – 2.1”
• Center channel in tail
• Designed for: Advanced/Expert

Surf styles use a multitude of rail shapes, board outlines, and fin setups to produce different riding styles and skill levels. There’s more than one way to ride a wave and we recommend trying them all.

Surfboard shapers have been using this construction method for ages. It produces the extremely light, buoyant, responsive board that surfers love to ride. This type of construction allows for nearly any shape you can think up, the possibilities are endless.

This shape allows for a longer rail in the tail of the board with less volume. In conjunction with the channels on the base of the board water releases from these points for a fast and loose feel.

The need-for-speed fins setup. Two front fins are accompanied by two smaller rear fins. Both sets are flat foil allowing water to pass through the centerline without resistance while the curved outer surface creates lift and hold into the face of the wave.

Aerial maneuvers, Carving, spins, and ollies


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