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Connelly Party Cove Island DeLuxe 6 – 548 x 182cm


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Σε απόθεμα


Kick back and relax this weekend!  Go float the lake and spend the day lounging in the sun.  The Party Cove Island features four anchor points for strategic mooring, UV protection, two heavy-duty webbing straps, and a nylon net bag for easy stowing.  This mat is a very bright volt yellow so it is clearly visible out on the water.  Your entire family will have a blast lounging on the Connelly Party Cove Island!

8′ x 6′ x 1.25′ – 2 person


  • UV protection.
  • Four anchor points for strategic mooring options.
  • Two heavy-duty webbing straps.
  • Nylon net bag for storage.


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