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Aria Optical Lens Support 2.0 Black


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About Ocean Reef Aria Optical Lens Support

Just as eyeglasses are the easiest and safest way to correct vision topside, corrective lenses are the simplest and most cost-effective choice for correcting it underwater. Tired of not being able to see well underwater? Can’t read your computer or gauges? Maybe you not sure what F-Stop you are setting your camera on? If these are problems for you when diving you need to get a set of Diopter lenses for your Full-Face-Mask (FFM). The Ocean Reef Aria Optical Lens Support is your ticket to better vision. A frame specifically designed to allow the use of standard optical lenses (not included see SKU: OEDAOL) while snorkeling/swimming. Both lightweight and strong, the frame can be easily inserted and removed in the mask thanks to the seal side slots. Frame is made from durable corrosion proof plastic for maintenance free use. Also note Optical Lens Support fits all Ocean Reef FF Masks including: Aria Snorkeling Mask (see SKU: OEDFFMA), Ocean Reef Neptune II Full Face Mask (see SKU: OEDFFM), Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Full Face Mask (see SKU: OEDNSG). Make seeing underwater better and increase your diving safety.

Ocean Reef Aria Optical Lens Support Features

  • Ocean Reef Aria Optical Lens Support:
  • Improves Underwater Vision
  • Increased Diving Safety
  • See Instruments Better
  • Must for Photographers
  • Fits Ocean Reef FFM’s Models:
    Aria Snorkeling Mask (see SKU: OEDFFMA)
    Ocean Reef Neptune II Full Face Mask (see SKU: OEDFFM)
    Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Full Face Mask (see SKU: OEDNSG).
  • Easy to Install
  • Durable Corrosion Proof Plastic Design


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