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2017 HO Sports Freeride EVO Waterski


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The Adventure Skiing Movement

Amongst the chaos of the modern world, a new movement is emerging. Individuals are seeking wild, natural places, foregoing the comfort and connectivity of the modern world, for adventure and uncertainty in the natural world. Weekends once reserved for shopping and consuming are being replaced with an explosion in camping, surf safaris and exploratory backcountry skiing and snowboarding. Why can’t water skiing be included in this fun? HO envisions a world where city dwellers escape to the beach on weekends to surf, fish, camp AND WATER SKI. We dream of bumming a ride off a local fisherman for a dawn patrol water ski session before a day spent hiking in the forest. Or what about a weekend camping trip with your friend’s jet ski to explore the lake you always dreamed of laying turns on. Don’t you want to seek out what is around the next bend in the river? Slalom courses, manmade ski lakes and tournament ski boats will always be a part of water skiing, but there can also be so much more. With the right ski and hardy sense of adventure, water skiing’s future can be wide open again. It is with this intention that EVO was created: A water ski to introduce new participants to a sense of adventure and the experience of skiing on water; A water ski to break tournament skiers out of our routines, to reintroduce us to participating with the public and discover a new way to fall in love with skiing again; A water ski to ignite the Adventure Skiing Movement and define the EVOlution of water skiing.

Surf Inspired Fish Shape

In the pursuit of a ski that gives you the smooth as butter feel like you’re carving through powder even when the conditions are not so glassy brought us to the EVO. A new take on out-of-box concept of the Freeride line, the EVO employs an even more user friendly parallel shape that feels best at slower speeds.

Paulownia Wood Flex-Core

An ultra-bendy ski makes for smooth effortless turns that give the feel that the edge is actually gripping the water. This is due to the combination of flex and rocker that allows the EVO to continually conform to the water surface. Regardless of the speed and angle of the water(where the water is contacting the ski) or where the skier is standing on the tip or tail, the EVO is able to compress and give the needed stability and control the skier needs. 

In skis, Paulownia wood has many benefits over traditional woods and wood blends. It is lighter and more stable than its wood counterparts and has the ability to remain strong under the high flex conditions Freeriders need. In addition, Paulownia is hydrophobic, so it naturally will not absorb water. Paulownia wood also has many ecological benefits: This fast growing tree has already been cultivated in plantations for more than a thousand years, therefore no forests get cut down. Also, the cut tree dries very fast which saves a lot of energy in the process of kiln drying. 


• Paulownia Wood Flex-Core – Lightweight high strength Paulownia wood core for better ski flex and an effortless turns.
• Surf Inspired Fish Shape – Lower aspect ratio with wider tail = ultra-efficient planing surface for performance at slower speeds and easier deep water starts.
• Clean Edge Technology in tail for 50% less drag than conventional skis
• Bevel-less design with high volume concave – more stability in chop and rollers
• 3D Shark Fin – NACA Airfoil inspired 3-dimensional fin for more lift and lower drag.

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67'', 71''


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