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και να πουλάμε τα προϊόντα μας σε Ελλάδα και Ευρώπη.

Δεν συμβιβαζόμαστε με τίποτα λιγότερο από το να προσφέρουμε προϊόντα τελευταίας τεχνολογίας, έχοντας ως γνώμονα την ασφάλεια και την αξιοπιστία.

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Wear the Restube around your waist or attach it to your gear. It is folded tightly in its case and you hardly feel it.
It is very easy to use as you simply pull the string with a sharp movement and the Restube inflates by itself.

-Inflates with the mouth through the special valve it has to save on CO2 bottles. It deflates from the same valve

-It is reusable (up to 100 times) by inserting a new vial

-Certified vials with an appropriate amount of CO2 and a special coating to protect against seawater

– Designed & engineered in Germany


-75N float made of durable material approved for life jackets (DIN ISO 12402-7)

-Ideal for demanding conditions

-It is placed on the 125 cm long belt horizontally or vertically

-The safety cord is also a whistle

-Has a small built-in key pocket (not waterproof)

-Safety lock

-Dimensions: 14x7x5 cm

-Weight: 270 gr


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