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Jobe Carbon Pro SUP Paddle 3-piece with Paddle Bag


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The Jobe Carbon Pro SUP Paddle 3-piece with Paddle Bag is the perfect companion for the Carbon Pro Paddle. The bag includes a shoulder strap for easy carrying and will help protect your paddle during transportation.

 ABS protector on edge
 Blade angle: 10°
 Blade surface: 93,3 in²
 Blade width: 8,1″ | 206mm
 Clip with lever to adjust fast and easy
 Comfortable carbon T-grip
 Length: 70,8″ / 68,8″ | 180cm / 220cm
 Lightweight carbon blade
 Stiff carbon shaft for the best response
 Weight: 680g | 1,49lbs
 Bag: Foldable to 100cm to fit your three-piece paddle, Shoulder strap for easy carrying


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